Sunday, December 1, 2013

Truly Tricky Graduate Physics Problems

For a long time, my collection of Physics problems has been one of the largest draws on my website.  Now, many of my favorite graduate Physics problems are available in an e-book from Bitingduck Press, Truly Tricky Graduate Physics Problems.  

The solutions that have previously been available here are still available for free, and always will be.  I find them helpful as a reference and wanted them to be available to others as well.  The solutions in the book include my own favorite problems as well as new problems from the other authors, Jay Nadeau and Leila Cohen, and are written in a format that can easily be cut-and-pasted into your favorite computer algebra system.

If you've found my Physics problem collection helpful in preparing for your qualifying exams, you may want to check out the e-book as well for more challenging Physics problems to help you prepare.