Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Anniversary Box

Today is our two-year wedding anniversary!  At our wedding, we asked our guests to write a note on a card that we would then open up ostensibly on our first anniversary.  Unfortunately, we were on vacation at the time and didn't get a chance to and decided to wait for our next anniversary to open the box.

I thought a lot of the notes were insightful, funny, or just cute, and so I transcribed some favorite quotes here!  If you recognize yours, and would like to be credited, just let me know and I'll de-anonymize you.

The sweet compliments (I think!)

"Everything is the best."

"I'm so lucky to have known you guys during this tough time of intern year.  I'm sure we'll feel next year is even worse."

"Hold hands--we've always noticed you look better than any other couple doing that."

"One thing that won't change is that you'll both still be amazing people with a great sense of fun and impeccably destructive logic."

I think that last one was a compliment, at least.

The sage advice

"Personal space can be awesome."

"Fly a quadcopter somewhere romantic."

"Your spouse is like a good cup of coffee--you may have it every morning but you never stop enjoying it!"

I wish I never stopped enjoying it.  It runs out so quickly!

Our quirky friends

"I don't have chocolate on me."

"Aren't you glad I don't draw for a living?"

"Our minds were blown at Costco today."

I really have to know.  What was it that blew their minds at Costco?


"Once upon a time, we were all hanging out at the Morton Arboretum, celebrating your love when all of a sudden a squirrel invaded your reception.  It jumped up on the bar and sat down next to the bottle of Disaronno.  It then promptly began to pour drinks for everyone.  He said, 'I want to embody the generosity that Ben and Simiao show to one another.'  The squirrel then proceeded to pass out drinks to all of the guests.  They were very excited and amazed by this talking, bar tending, love celebrating squirrel.  As the drinks settled in, the talented squirrel recognized it was time to take the celebration to the next level.  He promptly had the DJ start the music and broke out a soul train dance line.  The winning move was a specially designed move for the happy new couple.  It involved pins and ended with a fantastic split.  Sadly, a rabid dog ate the squirrel; However, a giraffe emerged from the woodwork and with one fell swoop won the hearts and minds of all attendees!  They stood in accord and said, 'Giraffe, you are excellent, talented, amazing and kind, but Ben and Simiao are far, far better."

... I don't even know what to say about that one!  I guess our drinks were pretty great!

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